Chef Valee Arjariyawat brings an authentic taste of Thailand to New York City’s Astoria neighborhood

Located across the street from the infamous Italian catering hall Riccardo’s, the Zagat-rated Thai Pavilion delivers 5-star food at a 2-star price. Thai Pavilion is a family legacy—co-owners Jirawat and Sam Arjariywat started it because of their passion for their mom’s authentic Thai cooking. Chef Valee, (who opened the first location on 30th Avenue and 37th Street) passed down her traditional and home-style recipes from her mother for a secret sauce, while dad, Sophon, contributed French techniques he gained working at The Four Seasons Restaurant.

The venue features a fully loaded bar and outdoor seating. In addition to a wide-ranging menu (complete with a spice chart) that blends old-school culinary techniques with American and French influences, the Thai Pavilion honors the Buddhist saying “the more you give, the more you get” while making you feel at home.